V3660TU WinXP rasa Mac – Poorman’s Mac Book ;)

February 16, 2008

Setelah nabung cukup lama, ato ngutang sana sini, banyak yang baru mampu beli notebook kosongan alias no OS, aku termasuk salah satunya. OSnya ? copy dari kantor, dari temen yang mampu, beli bajakan, ato yang gratisan macam Linux. Nggak ada salahnya sih pake yang gratisan, apalagi Linux udah cukup “mateng”, tapi kondisi tidak selalu mengijinkan seseorang pake Linux, misal karena lingkungan pekerjaan dibangun di Platform Windows, dll.

Sejujurnya, V3660TU bukan pilihan pertama, MacBook adalah obsesiku, tapi karena kondisinya nggak mampu beli MacBook, nggak cukup untuk beli notebook yang Vista included, ya pilihannya V3660 dan sejenisnya.

Ternyata perlu perjuangan juga untuk nginstall XP (cuma ini yang aku punya), tapi berkat bantuan kawan2 trutama Gita dan Agung di http://pramestyani.wordpress.com, beres sudah XP terinstall. Selanjutnya karena obsesinya MacBook, beginilah hasilnya.

Desktop untitled1.jpg
Klik di gambar untuk gedein, Perhatikan browsernya : Gita & Agung Tararengkyu Peri mats lah!

Artikel & download, disini:

How to Pimp Your Windows XP Desktop to Look

Like a Cool Mac Desktop

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
If you use the default Windows desktop, chances are that you could use a “look and feel” overhaul. Apple‘s OSX desktop is widely considered to be cleaner, more intuitive, and more customizable. The following instructions will show you how to get that Mac look for your PC by installing some cool, free applications. Some of the instructions may be a tad advanced for some users, but give it a try.


  1. Remove all unused shortcuts and icons. Right click the desktop and go to “Arrange desktop icons by” and uncheck “Show desktop icons”. You should now have a completely clean desktop. Don’t be afraid. You can still access the My Computer, My Documents, and Recycle Bin standbys from Windows Explorer.
  2. Enhance using FlyakiteOSX One convenient item that can be used to enhance your Windows to Mac experience is if you have all the elements of Mac Emulation bundled in a package. FlyakiteOSX does just that. This is the best option. It sets up a dock, changes the icons, gives you the best mouse pointers, and it changes the taskbar and all windows. Takes about 10 minutes to install, which is much faster than roaming around the internet and downloading all the components seperately.
  3. Install RKLauncher. RKLauncher (also called RKDock) is a free, Windows copycat of the animated Mac taskbar, or “dock.” You can download it here. RKLauncher comes with a pretty cool theme. If you want to make your dock look exactly like a Mac though, try RealDock for RKLaucher, a great clone of the Mac Dock appearance. RKLauncher’s official build hasn’t been updated lately, so if you would like something more up-to-date, grab a nightly build from Aqua-Soft. The farther down you go, the newer the build. Another good dock program is ObjectDock by Stardock, you can skin it to be anything you want and it does the animations and everything.
  4. Hide the taskbar. It doesn’t make sense to have both ObjectDock/RKDock and the Windows taskbar. Right click a blank space in ObjectDock, go to the settings tab, select behavior then on the box with check marks select “Hide the Windows Taskbar”, and hit OK. RKLauncher should work similarly. This makes the taskbar disappear. You can also just move the taskbar to the front of the screen.
  5. Add Widgets. Widgets are desktop toys to entertain and to inform. Think of them like things you’d put on a real desk: a picture frame, a newspaper to a dancing hula girl! But they’re on your PC desktop, not your real desk. You’ll get it once you see it. They could be a fun addition to your boring computer. Download free widgets from the Yahoo Widgets page. You’ll download a widget machine called Yahoo! Widget Engine, which comes with widgets like a picture frame, analog clock, calendar, and weather display. You can get more widgets like RSS news feeds and a dancing hula girl from the widgets gallery. Yahoo! has also released an engine that can help you make your own widgets and is available here
  6. Get Safari for Windows Just Get the new Safari 3 Beta, for Windows here, or get Firefox here. You can skin Firefox to look like Safari.
  7. Change your wallpaper to look like Mac OS X Tiger: here. Or you can get a high resolution wallpaper here which won’t make your computer mimic a mac desktop but will add a sense of style and a unique touch.
  8. Install your Expose from docs.kr. With this program (screen shot shows the ‘Windows Vista Flip’ move) you can set your Windows to spread out at the stroke of a key! A free download!
  9. Move your buttons. ShellWM is a “titlebar-only” shell replacer. It lets you have the maximize, minimize and close buttons on the left for free. You’ll want to download this theme.
  10. Change your mouse pointers. For the full effect, download a new set of mouse pointers. Save these to your computer (preferably in C:\WINDOWS\Cursors). It may be a good idea to make a folder within this for easier setup.) To setup these cursors, choose Mouse from the Control Panel, click the Pointers tab, and set your new pointers appropriately. For a the best OS pointer, use FLyakiteOS.
  11. Keep tweaking and playing. Try customizing all of the applications you downloaded. Whatever suits you!


  • If RKLauncher doesn’t work well, an alternative to try are RocketDock. Rocketdock is updated more often, and has more themes to choose from.
  • You can also use the Mac OS X Install DVD
    • If you have a recent Mac OS X Install DVD (2005 and newer) that uses an x86 architecture, you can install OS X directly on your computer using InsanelyMac, which will circumvent the hardware detection used by the OS X install disc.
    • If you have an older Mac OS X Install DVD (2004 and older) that uses a PowerPC architecture, you can emulate PowerPC’s architecture using PearPC. PearPC is a tool which will allow you to run Mac OS X in an x86 environment, without putting in any effort. The emulation method is much slower than the method using InsanelyMac above.
    • Do not resort to using OS X unless you are aware of the legal action Apple can take if they know you are using that software.
  • For the simplest way, install this patch. It lets you access Windows XPs built in skinner. Then go to customize.org and download all the window’s themes you want. This is a great Mac OS X style theme.
  • If you have enough money, an easier way would always be just to buy your own Mac, of course.


  • Widgets could make your computer run slowly.
  • This is also for FlyakiteOSX, for it runs 7-8 programs at once
  • Safari for Windows is still in Beta, so be careful on what you work on.
  • Be warned this method may cause you to never have your windows desktop taskbar again.
  • Beware of legal issues with installing your Mac OS X CD onto a computer that it is not licensed for.
  • The Shock 4Way 3D program makes your mouse disappear in the other 3 screens.

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6 Responses to “V3660TU WinXP rasa Mac – Poorman’s Mac Book ;)”

  1. agung said

    sekalian aja atuh install Linux , saya udah jalan nih pake ubuntu + compiz fusion… bagus (baru di PC desktop doang sih..) kalo OK , saya pasang di 3660. 3Dnya ok bgt, XP mah jauh. emang lebih ribet sih he…he

    *…recommended instalation is windows xp or better…*
    ….so i prefer linux…

  2. bnjut said

    hehehe… emang pengen, untumu..eh ubuntu udah punya, tapi pengen install di hdd lain, ntar kalo udah kebeli hdd sata notebook spare, pasti nyoba untumu….. eh salah lagi…. Ubuntu.

  3. hendriadi said

    saya sarankan pake MacOsX aja jadi OSnya bener-bener macintosh

  4. bnjut said

    @hendriadi: Oke juga sarannya, tapi kalo diperhatiin, ini masalahnya: “Setelah nabung cukup lama, ato ngutang sana sini, banyak yang baru mampu beli notebook kosongan alias no OS, aku termasuk salah satunya. OSnya ? copy dari kantor, dari temen yang mampu, beli bajakan, ato yang gratisan macam Linux”

    Mac OS bajakan? emang ada? kalo ada…., nggak ah, nunggu ada yang nawarin (copyan) asli original aja.

  5. hendriadi said

    Mac OS modifikasi maksudnya, Jadi MacOSX dimana macintosh jalan di mesin intel x86 tampilannya keren abis, http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X86

  6. bnjut said

    Udah lama juga nggak nengokin t4 tongkrongan ini…………..
    Kang Ade.. Ntar kali ya.. kalo baca disini : http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3865071/osx86_Leopard_flat_image_(install_mac_os_x_10.5_from_windows) belum stabil!.
    Mau nyoba duluan?.

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